Social Care Health and Education (SHE) Recruitment Ltd

SHE Recruitment is not just a recruitment company. It is a company owned, directed and managed by a qualified and registered health and social care professional who has a background in education and training. The SHE Recruitment advisory team consists of a social worker, a nurse, a school teacher, a pharmacist, and a health care assistant. The team members have experience which adds up to a century of working in local authorities, care homes, nursing homes, hospitals, pharmacies and the education sector

Customers / Clients
The message to our customers / clients is that, receiving a service or getting into partnership with a recruitment company owned and managed by an experienced professional who has worked in health and social care and education and an advisory team of professionals from the relevant sectors is an added advantage. We understand the needs of your organisation and your clients. There is a dedicated recruitment consultant who has worked in your sector who will identify the right candidate for the task which needs to be carried out or for the post which is advertised. We match your requirements with the most suitable candidate for the role. We value our clients / customers

Candidates ​
SHE Recruitment is an organisation which values its employees. We will assign you to carry out work that you are qualified or skilled to do. Those needing training will be trained if skills gaps are identified through a needs assessment. A recruitment consultant linked to your sector will be available to listen to your problems and will support you when need arises.


SHE Recruitment aims to be the best agency provision of qualified and unqualified r temporary and permanent positions in social and healthcare and in schools the United Kingdom. We have lived the experience through working in the sectors of social care, health and education. As such our clients and candidates will have an advantage of communicating with consultants who understand their needs.

We are an effective, efficient and reliable organisation. We value and respect those we work with. We value our customers. We are a transparent, anti discriminatory and anti oppressive organisation. We are inclusive. We value people and respect their choices.


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