Dedicated to support and assist with compassion and respect

Get Care provides home care, and live in care services for clients in the comfort of their homes.
We also provide a service for clients in Supported Living. We provide high quality care.
Our service is client centred, empowering and enabling. We are a safe, effective, caring , responsive and well led service .
We support local authority funded and privately funded clients.

Our Clients
Get Care provides services to adults aged 18 years +

We support :

Clients with physical health conditions

Clients with mental health needs

Clients with Dementia

Clients with Learning Disabilities and Autism

Clients in Supported accommodation

Clients with physical disabilities

Patients discharged from hospital

Clients with complex health needs

Clients at the end of life


Get Care focuses on the provision of a
person centred, high quality, compassionate,
efficient and safe service in which clients are
​​​​​​​treated with dignity and respect.
We value all our clients.


Our Vision is to be among the best health and
social care providers in England, a provider
​​​​​​​ which is the first choice of clients

Our Values

At Get Care we value all our clients and all our employees.

We observe the government's Equality and Diversity legislation and policies.
We are a safe, responsive transparent anti-discriminatory and well led service provider.
Our staff are kind, polite, caring,
friendly, gentle, respectful,
professional and courteous,

Our Services

Home Care

Live in Care

Supported Living

Get Care

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